Key Components of AR / VR System

Near-term focus on AR/VR devices

Key Components of AR (Augmented reality) / VR System (Virtual Reality)

Key Components of AR System:


Key components of any AR device are processor, display, input devices and sensors. Today’s Smartphone fulfil all these hardware requirements of AR. Besides above, Microsoft Holo lens is a head-mounted display and focusses on MR. Google’s AR headmounted device known as ‘Google Glass 2.0’ is being used by enterprises with a focus on workforce productivity.


Special 3D Augmented reality programmes are used in AR based applications. Virtual images used for overlapping over the real live image, can be generated using 3D software. Software can be Auto Cad 3D, Cinema 4D. To experience AR, end user has to download a software application.

Remote Server

Apart from the hardware and software, a web cloud server plays an important role in storing the database of virtual images.

Augmented reality (AR) Technology Roadmap

Major Players in VR system:

In the VR space major player is oculus VR brought by the makers of the Oculus Rift headsets. It is VR head mounted display and hand controllers focussed on Gaming.

HTC vive is VR head-mounted display and hand controllers.

Many other companies are developing virtual reality headsets and other peripherals. To name a few are Sony’s Morphens, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Magic leap. Neura link is an early stage of brain machine interface to connect humans to computers.


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