The Mars Metaverse Project detail explanation

Mars Metaverse

The Mars : Metaverse Project

The Mars Company is developing the Mars metaverse platform, where everyone can make their dreams reality.

In the Mars-themed metaverse platform, there is a small territory about 1km in diameter called a “Colony”. A user can own land on the colony with NFT (Non-fungible Token) and build a house or a commercial building on it. It is also possible to be leased through a Blockchain’s Smart Contract.

Users earn rewards with Mars Token (MRST) by contributing via gameplay to the platform of The Mars. The Mars’ economic system is designed to ensure that all users who play in the platform can gain financial benefits by Play-to-Earn.o

Contrary to reality, the user should have a chance to own a house as a private space, then expending the initial space or decorating is available. The user can invite a friend to the house and it is possible to do activities such as chatting, playing music and throw a party together in the house.

Most of the buildings in the Colony can be purchased with MRST, and it can be bought or sold between users. Once users purchase the building, they can use the space that can be used commercially.

Mars Metaverse early view
Mars Metaverse early view

Users can also customize the space for their own taste and purpose like a shopping center, a gallery, a party hall, a classroom, etc. In order to make additional profits, users should host events in the space.

Most of all, users can design their own clothes or buildings through a software, called “The Mars Studio”, then either publish them as NFT or sell their creations in the marketplace. (UGC items)

Fundamentally, The Mars Metaverse aims to be a metaverse platform that emphasizes gameplay, and it could be linked with various activities in the Colony. Through playing sports or competitions, users can earn additional income.

As the metaverse platform expands, using “The Mars Game Creator” software is that third-party developers or indie game developers can make and release their games. Users are able to host sports leagues directly. Depending on active user numbers, Mars Token is an reward from the game activities that users play as play reward.

The metaverse platform of The Mars is currently under development to be released in 2023, and aims to be AAA project which is connected to the Blockchain ecosystem includes game, e-commerce, online business, social networking service, social networking game, etc.

Author: Devesh Verma

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