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Metaverse Ecosystem

Software + Payments

US: Autodesk, Adobe

EU: TeamViewer, OVHcloud

IT Hardware

US: Arista Networks, Cisco Systems

Asia: Inventec, Inspur, Unisplendour, Innolight, GDS, VNET, Chindata, Quanta, Wiwynn, Accton


Equipment/Material: ASML, ASMI, TEL, Chroma, Soitec, Screen, Advantest

Foundry/IDMs: TSMC, Win Semi, Intel, AMD, Micron, STM, Infineon

Fabless/IC Design: Nvidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Marvell, Mediatek, Novatek, Realtek, Aspeed, Alchip

Backend: ASE, Amkor


US: Warner Music Group, Endeavor, Disney, Comcast, Netflix, ViacomCBS

EU: Universal Media Group, S4Capital, WPP, Publicis Group

Cloud Compute

US: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, VMWare

China: Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu


US: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Roblox, Unity, Fortnite, Niantic

EU: Ubisoft

China: Tencent, NetEase Japan: Sony, Gree, Gung Ho Online, Imagica Group, Cybernet Systems, Colopi, Gumi, Nintendo

Korea: NAVER, Kakao Corp, NCSoft, Krafton, Netmarble, NHN, Wemade, Com2us, Pearl Abyss

Virtual Communities: Decentraland, Horizon, RecRoom, Sandbox

HW Components

Display: BOE, TCL, Visionox, SeeYa Technology, Jade Bird Display, Olightek, SIDTek, Token Sciences, JDI, Sony, Samsung, LGD, Himax, Kopin, TI

PCB/Materials: Unimicron, ZDT, Ibiden, Shinko

Lens/Modules: SunnyOptical, Largan, Genius, SEMCO, LG Innotek, Patron, Monex, Dreamtec, Jawha Electronics, Hivision System, Powerlogics, Namuga, Sekonix, Cammsys, Haesung Optics

Passives/Battery: Murata, Taiyo Yuden, TDK

Telecom Services

China: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom


India: Bharti Airtel, Jio

Japan: NTT, KDDI

Korea: KT Corp, LG U+

US: AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Verizon


XR Device Assembly: Goertek, Luxshare, Pegatron, Hon Hai

Metaverse Ecosystem graphical representation (infographic)
Metaverse Ecosystem graphical representation (infographic)


We discuss the implications in three sections on the areas of
potential for each sector:

(1) Content:

Includes regional internet sectors (China, Korea, Japan, Europe and the US) and the US media, software, and apparel sectors. New applications are being pioneered to evolve today’s experiences in gaming, entertainment, commerce, the monetisation of online property, advertising, and both consumer and enterprise social connectivity. The best-placed companies for the metaverse era have scaled datacentre footprints, deep services and content, existing gaming/video platform businesses, integrated hardware, and/or 3D game engines.

(2) Hardware and semiconductors:

Includes components, assembly, display, hardware and semiconductors. For semiconductors, the metaverse fits into our data paradigm thesis, with the metaverse permeating the create/capture, store, transmit and analyse view of the data economy and poised to benefit as improvement in power/performance unleashes more data consumption and use cases for silicon. We see silicon content expansion across edge devices (AR/VR and traditional compute), the upgrade of WiFi to 6E/7, increased 5G/6G penetration and broadband fibre transmission, and upgraded cloud infrastructure (both more compute resources, and more diffuse edge compute). For hardware, the metaverse would drive AR/VR opportunities in assembly, display, camera/optics, PCB/substrate, MLCC, connectors and batteries.

(3) Telecom and infrastructure:

Includes the US, Europe and Asian telcos, US towers, data centres and equipment, and Asia cloud IT infrastructure. The metaverse has enormous potential to further expand or divert screen time (Americans average 10+ hours/day on media, including 3+ hours on TV) and drive more bandwidth consumption. Internet traffic is already 80% video and has been growing at a 30% CAGR. Our team projects even modest metaverse usage could drive a further 37% CAGR over the next decade to 20x current data usage. This will support the value of the bestconstructed networks in each region, while also demanding upgrades to data centres and network equipment.

Author: Devesh Verma

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