iShowSpeed crypto controversy about paradox scam?

Popular YouTube streamer iShowSpeed is under scrutiny by fans for allegedly promoting The Paradox Metaverse

The Paradox Metaverse, an action-adventure game that awards players with Paradox Coin, a type of cryptocurrency, after completing objectives.

On Nov. 16, 2022, iShowSpeed began wearing Paradox merch on stream and had other advertisements for the company scattered throughout the room.

Cristiano Ronaldo impersonator on stream with a shirt that directly encouraged fans to purchase Paradox Coin, along with two members of the Paradox team.

IShowSpeed and the Paradox representatives also hosted several PS5 giveaways during the stream, all while promoting their social media accounts.

The controversial streamer has since come under immense criticism as many have accused iShowSpeed for promoting an alleged crypto ‘scam’ to his massive audience.

YouTuber iShowSpeed did promote Paradox Metaverse on his Nov. 16 stream by featuring members of the team, encouraging fans to follow social media accounts.

Many viewers specifically pointed to Paradox’s claims that players can make over $500 a week by playing the game, which requires NFT purchases.

In a subsequent stream, iShowSpeed addressed the allegations that he promoted a crypto scam. Though the YouTuber did not directly condemn Paradox